Founded in 2009 and headquartered in Hangzhou, China, HD Solar is a global leading solar tracking system solution provider and solar project investment developer. We have our own customized special steel factory in Tangshan, China, which gives us a price advantage and guarantees excellent raw material quality;

In Changxing, China, we have six R&D centers and a 40,000 square meter high precision manufacturing facility;

In Hangzhou, China, we have a team of 62 technical experts specializing in mechanical design and fabrication, structural engineering, wind engineering, electrical engineering and automation, and communication technology.

The R&D strength makes our product structure follow scientific design and strict design verification, fully guaranteeing the mechanical strength of each component.


professional service


technology patents


annual capacity


Successful Cases

15 +GW

Global Cumulative Installation


Company Establishment

Since its establishment, the company has been involved in the construction of the first large-scale photovoltaic power plant in China - Ningxia Shizuishan Power Plant Project and the supply of solar mounting products.


Lean production

The company has been awarded 50+ exclusive technology patents and honored as "Honest Enterprise" and "China PV Power Station Annual Meeting Emerging Enterprise".


Business Globalization

Obtained many international standard certifications such as TUV, CE, etc., and shipped for the first time for the first time to Southeast Asia, Japan, Africa and other markets.


Completion of the new production base

In Changxing, China, a new production base with a production area of more than 60,000 square meters has been completed.


Steady Development

Formally established the product concept of safety as the core, the core PV tracking technology-brake product release; the new headquarters building was opened; and became one of the top 10 PV mounting companies in China.


Brand Strength Advancement

PV tracking key technology products - huddle bearing seat release; new products - Venus tracking system release; set up six laboratories, such as electronics, mechanics, salt spray, etc.


Layout of new markets

Successfully researched and developed photo-thermal heliostat products, with exclusive intelligent control technology leading the market; completed the integration of resources and launched the green quality productivity solution to help the global carbon reduction action.

Research and Development Innovation

Research and Development Innovation

HD Solar has excellent R&D and innovation strength in the field of solar energy technology. The company's independent research and development of PV tracking and braking technology fundamentally solves the problem of wind vibration and easy damage of tracking bracket; it is one of the main formulators of China's solar bracket standard, which highlights the leading position of Huading New Energy in the field of photovoltaic. In addition, the company has set up six professional technical experiments and cooperated with top scientists and research institutions around the world to jointly promote the research and development of photovoltaic/photothermal/green methanol integration technology.

wind tunnel laboratory

HD Solar has built China's first private commercial wind tunnel laboratory, which is an important platform for the company to carry out technological R&D and innovation in the field of solar energy. The laboratory is equipped with the world's advanced wind tunnel testing technology, and the experimental testing precision value can reach 0.01 degree, which is able to carry out accurate wind simulation and performance testing of solar energy products. Through wind tunnel experiments, Huading New Energy continuously optimizes product design, improves product reliability and safety, and ensures that the products can operate normally in various harsh environments.

International certification

CPP Wind Tunnel Test Report

It is the key basis for reflecting product performance, optimizing design and improving quality.

IEC62817 Certificate

the most comprehensive and authoritative evaluation standard for solar tracking systems.

TÜV Certificate

a highly recognized quality and safety mark in the industry, ensuring that products meet the most stringent international standards.

ETL certificate

one of the necessary certifications to enter the North American market.

CE Certificate

CE Certificate








We need this sky with birds, bees and butterflies to aspire and pursue a greener, more equal and better life. To achieve all this, we need sustainable development! With the goal of "Creating a Green Future", Huading New Energy is taking on the mission through ESG actions.

At present, we have passed TÜV Rheinland's carbon footprint verification, ISO14001 and ISO45001 certifications! We have set up an ESG team and are actively improving our sustainable development system to help the dual-carbon economy and promote global sustainable development!