As a clean energy technology, the core equipment of photovoltaic power generation includes collectors, heliostats and control systems, which are regarded as the most complex and critical components of photovoltaic power generation. In the construction cost of PV power plants, the cost of heliostats and control systems takes up about 50%, which reflects their importance in PV power plants. At the same time, solar thermal projects usually require huge investments, often starting from the billion-dollar scale, which reflects the challenges and cost requirements for the implementation of solar thermal power technologies.

In order to promote the development of photovoltaic power generation industry, HD Solar has established the whole industry chain of photovoltaic power generation, and provides customers around the world with complete solutions from light concentration, heat collection, energy storage to power generation.

Meanwhile, after years of technological research, HD Solar has developed the world's first heliostat control system with intelligent calibration and real-time monitoring for customers, which eliminates the need for regular manual calibration, improves the precision and efficiency of light concentration, and provides more accurate temperature control, which makes photovoltaic power generation simpler and more controllable in terms of cost.

Break through the limitations of application scenarios

With the promotion of HD Solar's heliostat technology, the application scenarios of solar thermal power generation have been significantly expanded. The technology is now capable of adapting to a wide range of complex environments, including waters, deserts, snow and mountains. This breakthrough means that solar thermal power technology is no longer limited to specific geographic and climatic conditions, greatly expanding its potential application range and availability, and offering the possibility of implementing solar thermal power in a wider range of areas.

Increase efficiency

In promoting the development and application of photovoltaic power generation technology, Huading's SkyEye Cloud Platform plays an important role. The platform contributes to the progress of the solar thermal power generation industry by improving operational efficiency and promoting the coupling and upgrading of the entire industrial chain. Through such technological innovation and industry chain integration, the business model and technical implementation of solar thermal power generation have become more efficient and reliable, and are expected to play a greater role in energy conversion and supply in the future.