Mercury Tracking System

The design of Mercury tracking system breaks through the traditional tracking design concept and introduces the "braking" sub-system in addition to the three 

sub-systems of "structure, drive and control". The world's first photovoltaic tracking braking technology fundamentally solves the wind resonance problem of 

tracking bracket that has plagued the industry for a long time, and escorts the operation safety of photovoltaic power stations for 25 years in the whole life cycle.

Active safety technology

The industry's first photovoltaic braking device, the brake, provides active defense in windy scenarios and increases structural rigidity by more than 200%. The brake is integrated with the control system and intelligently switches between different working modes. When in flexible mode, it plays a buffering role for the system; when in rigid mode, it plays a rigid supporting role for the system, thus completely solving the threat of wind.

Intelligent tracking Precise closed-loop control

Utilizing intelligent tracking algorithms, the optimal tracking angle on site is calculated in real time, so that the component is always in the best yield state.

Low investment costs

The new structure + drive + control + brake "3 + 1" thinking tracking mode, the system force is more reasonable, which means fewer parts, more convenient installation and more reliable operation, and the comprehensive investment cost is reduced by nearly 10%.

More adaptable to complex application scenarios

The overall protection level of IP65 or more, with the ability to resist wind, snow, sand and dust, cold, heat and corrosion, can be applied in a variety of complex scenes.